Pre-conference Summer Intensive 2020 Health and Wellbeing Architecture

June 10-15, 2020

The Health and Wellbeing Architecture Summer Intensive offers graduate students, doctoral students, practicing architects, healthcare planners, healthcare practitioners and international guests an opportunity to come together and deepen their competencies in the field of design for health and wellbeing. 

Led by professor Laura Arpiainen, the 2020 Intensive will center on Universal Design and its many applications. Participants can work on their individual projects or generate a project in a team. International participants are encouraged to bring project ideas from their respective countries.

This highly interactive and interdisciplinary class concludes with a presentation at the UD2020 Conference on June 15th

Aalto students get credit for the intensive (which includes a pre-class assignment and a post-session reflection paper), other participants are offered a Certificate of Attendance.

Language – ENGLISH

Maximum 12 students.

Further information and inquiries:

Session times
Wednesday, June 1010 AM to 5 PM
Thursday, June 1110 AM to 5 PM
Friday, June 1210 AM to 5 PM
Saturday, June 1310 AM to 2 PM
Monday, June 15Keynote Lectures and afternoon workshop
at UD2020 Conference